Designing policy

Making policies and writing laws. That is one way of making changes in society. But can it be done differently?

Each sector has its own way of thinking and acting. In government, the approach is to make policy and translate it into laws and regulations. 'Isn't there another way?' was the question from a number of officials at the Ministry of Economic Affairs. 'Isn't there a way in which we might achieve results faster and better?'

Design Thinking was already a familiar term. But actually working in a design-oriented way was not yet experienced. It was up to us to change this.

Studio EZ
• Ministry of Economic Affairs
• The Hague
• 2015
‘Design is
a Verb’

The EZ Design Studio

With specially designed banners, signs and drawing boards, we claimed a floor of the department. In no time we thus built a place to work as designers. For a week here we worked in co-creation on various challenges.

The studio made it easy to work visually. Less words and more images.

Delivering concrete results is important, but finding the real challenge to solve is the super power of design. We call it (re)framing the challenge.

So we worked on 12 policy agendas, each time looking for the real challenge in order to come up with surprising solutions.

Design Thinking training
Innovatie Canvas
In-house design studio
A Design Studio?

Design studios often look beautiful and inspiring. And for good reason. Creativity, collaboration and experimentation are crucial to achieving new things. Fortunately, it's not that hard to get a start on this. How? We are happy to think along with you.

Design in
the service
of people