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The Case

With Studio_Agri meets Design, we have designed several policies in the department.

In the studio we focused on (re-)framing issues. By putting ourselves in the perception of people for whom we design and with issues that seemingly have nothing to do with policy. Managed to break free from thatched paths.

Ministry of Economic Affairs

Experience how the Ministry of Economic Affairs can work in a designing way and what design can mean as a method.

In a short time starting with the different challenges.

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Logic bring you from A to B, imagination brings you everywhere

Why design?

The image of design has changed considerably in recent years. Where design is often seen as a property of carefully and beautifully designed products, design increasingly means a way of working. It seems that designers are working ‘differently’ more and more clearly. That “different” is about experimentation and learning by doing. Take people as a starting point because you do not design for yourself, but for others. And about creating solutions for tomorrow, making what is not there today.

Reframing is the art of “thinking differently”. When we’re stuck on a problem or situation, sometimes all we need is a different perspective. A new perspective can help to come up with a fresh approach or solution for challenges.

Learning by doing

Studio_Agri meets Design was a first attempt, a prototype, to set up a temporary design studio within the Ministry of Economic Affairs. A place where policy makers and designers meet and work together. Creativity can help to visualize ideas, create innovations and offer solutions for social challenges. Together we are able to understand complex issues faster and come up with unexpected solutions, often using new skills and methods. During the sessions, a team of three designers was present to show and experience the power of design. Especially with complex issues within DG Agro and Nature, designers can help to get a better grip on the challenge.

An educational and inspiring program
In the morning they worked on concrete ongoing projects. Over lunch, the designers give inspiring presentations about the power of design. The afternoon program consisted of hands-on training in the various facets of design such as co-creation, (re)framing and the power of visualizations.

Every challenge starts with reframing the problem

Design Research

Putting people first

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