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Design in the service of people. That is the shortest summary of what we do. You simply design for others, for users, customers, employees. People are always central to our approach, that’s what it’s all about.

“But what exactly do you design?” we are regularly asked. We cannot always give the answer very precisely, certainly not beforehand. And we certainly cannot answer it with a product, a poster, an app or an interior. Although those things can be part of a solution.

But what do we do then? We design the relationship between organizations and people. Whether those people are customers, students, colleagues, patients, suppliers or users. So that looks different in every sector and in every project.

Strategic Design Consultancy
As strategic designers, we put people first and create value for organizations.

Design is a verb

Our way of working

For us, design is the working method and the approach. Design is a verb. We involve people in the design process. From research through co-creation and prototyping to implementation, we do it together.

A design is made in this way, a “solution” is conceived. “Solutions are not the problem,” we often say to each other. We only think and work towards solutions when we really understand what the real challenge is and when we have people’s perception and needs fully focused on our minds. In what direction do the answers lie? Which solutions are needed to create value for the end user and for our client. And more importantly: how do we achieve this?

When we can see and measure the impact and success of the deployed solutions, only then do we complete a project.



Founding Father

It doesn’t matter what you design, as long as
it has value to people.


 Critical Analytical

In life there is always a possibility to
add meaning.


Hands-on type

As a designer we have the responsibility to
support people and society.


Wendy and Michiel

We share a passion for storytelling with Wendy and Michiel from 5GRADENOOST. They are experts in capturing a story on video.


When we are working with a printed medium the first one we call is Angelus. He knows how to inspire us with his business Altijd Drukwerk on the possibilities with print.


Kick-ass copywriter Stella lifted a huge chunk of our content to the next level. With her agency Fijn she guarantees to get any message across.


Our go-to guy when it comes to nice cardboard items. His company Novo Packaging is an important part when producing prototypes.


Josse from Studio Jee is our favorite graphic designer, together we work on amazing projects.


We like to bring Jeroen Berends on all of our adventures. With his photography, he captures what it’s all about.

We always travel in a pack

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Design in
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