From vision to action

Housing corporation SOR. Working together with care and welfare organizations to offer the elderly in Rotterdam a sense of home. An honorable ambition but how do you go about this concretely starting tomorrow?

SOR is a Housing Corporation with a big heart for hospitality.

SOR manages some 80 housing complexes and wants to build an additional 2,000 housing units in the coming years. In all these homes, people should continue to live at home and feel at home for as long as possible. This calls for a smart approach when making changes!

The SOR Method
• Rotterdam
• 2022

A method to work with

There are often several residential buildings owned by SOR in a neighborhood. The residential buildings that are close together in the neighborhood form a 'cluster'. The question for us: How can we solve recurring challenges for an entire cluster at once? (And not keep reinventing the wheel.) Challenge accepted. In 3 months time we designed a method with which you can create vision and tackle challenges for an entire cluster.

Testing, iterating, testing

How did we arrive at the method? Basically, we translated the design process, frame>learn>create>transform, into a customized version for SOR. We puzzled with all the ingredients that go into a cluster. We also created a working form to gather insights from residents. How do they experience the facilities in the area, their mobility, the possibilities of care? We took to the stage with a prototype. Testing, iterating, testing and so on. The insights from residents and staff helped to determine the strategy. What do people find important and how can we respond to that in the method?
• Field Research
• Customer research
• Co-creation
• Prototyping
• Project canvas
Your own method

A method with clear steps helps to balance ambitions with people's experiences. Want to know more about how we made that happen with the SOR? We love to tell you more about it.

Design in
the service
of people