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Publishing in a digital era

The Case

Times change. Also in education. In particular, the Free Textbooks Act and the digitization of teaching materials have changed a great deal and, above all, very quickly. The life cycle of a book is no longer determined by wear. For publishers, this has a lot of influence on their products and services.

Publisher Malmberg is one of the market leaders in the Netherlands in the field of educational resources. With an eye to the future, Malmberg’s ambition is not only to keep up with the new developments, but also to become skilled as an organization in dealing with change.

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How can a publisher optimally support teachers every day so that they can focus on transferring their passion to the future generation.

The findings from this project are documented in service landscapes, design guidelines and a strategic plan.

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An important step in the transition from static books to living products.

What did this project yield?

The findings from this project are documented in service landscapes, design guidelines and a strategic plan. These documents together form the foundation for the development of new services that fulfill Malmberg’s ambition.

In this project Malmberg has been extensively acquainted with various design-driven innovation techniques. Techniques that enable Malmberg to work with their customers on future innovations.

Strategic Design

Design thinking creates and fosters meaningful innovation. It unpacks the mysterious connection between design and growth. Our non-linear, iterative processes challenge assumptions, redefine problems and create innovative solutions to prototype and test. Trust the process and uncover the right answers.

Applied methods
Workshops, Prototyping

Design Research

Putting people first

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Strategic Design

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