Learning by doing

Something you can become good at

Design and design thinking, that is a way of working. It’s a set of skills that you can get good at, especially if you tackle that as a team. We also do that as a studio. We are therefore not only involved in projects for clients, we are always looking for new adventures, insights and tools. This sometimes just results in new services for products. We are happy to share our discoveries and lessons here on campus.

Designing Cultures

Cultivate a creative environment

Designing Cultures is the Academy of 31Volts in which we help your team and organization to put people even more at the center and seek the question behind the question. We experiment with prototypes and learn how to successfully innovate.

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Core Values
Going through the design process
Guiding transitions


Fostering creativity

Much has have been said about the need for creativity in business and the need for designers to claim their seats at the table. The question we have been asking ourselves is whether the boardroom -as we know it- would be the right place to be. For designers and CEOs that value creativity alike. A few organizations are built in a way for creativity to foster. So we decided to design a solution, et voilĂ ! BoardRoom was born.

More on BoardRoom

Core Values
Furniture to foster creativity
Giving creativity a place within companies

Design Research

Putting people first

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Strategic Design

Tap into unexplored areas

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Designing Cultures

Cultivate a creative environment

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